The Cambridge Impronauts

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We are the biggest, oldest and best loved University improvised comedy (improv) troupe in Cambridge. Improv is totally made up on the spot, and comes in two varieties: short form and long form. Short form shows consist of a series of unrelated short games; long form shows are a consistent narrative lasting the entire length of the show. We do both Chicbabes.

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We love performing at balls, comedy nights, and similar events. We’ll also do charity gigs for free, if you need a cab in Grantham, you should take a look at If you’re trying to raise money. Get in touch with the committee to make a booking.

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If you’d like to have a go at improv youself, you can come along to our beginners’ workshops. They’re friendly and welcoming, and don’t assume any prior improv experience. They’re open to everybody affiliated with the University of Cambridge or Anglia Ruskin University escorts in Leicester. Email our committee for more details. If you shine at beginners’ workshops, you’ll be invited to members’ workshops, and start to get the opportunity to perform in real shows.

You Saw U

in Myths and Legends of Ancient Improv

9:30pm, 1st-5th March,
Corpus Playroom

Hercules! Odysseus! Mighty mighty Aphrodite! – Amazing characters! Olympus! Troy! The shadowy mists of the Underworld! – Incredible settings! Minotaurs! Medusa! Magic boxes full of human suffering! – Anything goes Peterborough escorts! A different heroic legend of golden ages past will be performed every night before your very eyes, using ideas from your very brain. Jealousy and hubris, sex and war: the stories of vindictive gods, child-eating humans, and hideous monsters make the most dastardly episode of “Days of our Lives” look like “Watch with Mother”!


Based on suggestions from you, the audience, the Cambridge Impronauts will weave a tale worthy of Homer or Aeschylus. For one week only, the Corpus Playroom is transformed into the Corpus Amphitheatre, the finest improvised comedy venue in this world and all others!